Training Tips for Dogs

Blixten the lumberjack

Need some inspiration for training or exercising your dog?

Unfortunately, dog toys are very expensive, and there’s to much crap!
When you buy toys for training it cost a fortune..!
But you can go out and find things for training in the nature 🙂

Training tips, teach your how dog to bring

For free: Go out and find a palm branch, in the countryside it’s all over.
Big dog, big branch, small dog a small branch 🙂

Blixten and a bloody big palm branch!

Watch our video

  1. Bring a bloody big palm branch
  2. One jump and bring
  3. Two jumps and bring
  4. Distance training: Bring & Out
  5. Tired German Shepherd

Information about Rex alias Blixten!

Train your dog the basic commands

Give the command “Bring” while you’re far away from the dog.
Your dog needs to sit and wait for your command, and of course, bring the palm branch or whatever you tell him to bring…
Watch our video for some good tips!

Exercise & Train your dog

To walk around the block it’s NOT an exercise for your dog!
He/she needs to run around, play and read their daily nespaper, to sniff around, that’s how dogs get their news…

Double bonus: When you exercise your dog, you exercise yourself too, for free!
But remeber, have fun!

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