Train Bitework

GSD Clint, Blixten and Flickan

My GSD Clint, Blixten and Flickan

Train your dog to bite the bad guy

Our best friend will always protect the pack, but you need to train your dog to do it in a right way

Watch and learn

Your dog needs to be taught to bite the bad guy, for your protection.
When you give the command RELEASE he/she have to do it.
Don’t try it if you don’t have any experience,
you need a tough dog and a qualified trainer for bite work

Ebon von Er Nast

Active dogs

A leashed walk around the block isn’t going to exercise your dog. Most dogs need 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day.

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affiliate earn money

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the latest trend online. With so many products to sell and services to offer, sometimes displaying it on one site isn’t enough.

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Akearah and Mary

Animal Laws in PH

In dealing with a neighbor’s barking dog, remaining calm, polite, and rational is your best bet, but know that you can get the law involved if necessary…

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