Teach Your Dog Stay

Hope you get inspired from our video how your dog can stay on command
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How to teach your dog to stay

Teach your dog how to stay, stop or platz, immediately!
Learning your dog to stay is one of the most basic commands that all dogs should know
Stay it’s a very important command in case of any emergency, both for you and your dogs safety.
To work on your dog’s stay, pick a time when he’s relaxed and well exercised. That applies especially to puppies and bouncy young dogs.

Remember that your dog doesn’t speak our language, so he has to learn to associate certain commands with actions. This takes time. Some dogs may pick up faster than others. The important part is to persist and remain consistent with your training until your dog gets it.
If you and your dog have fun practicing, your dog will become more confident.
Learning things actually makes your dog smarter!

Training your dog to stay.

After you and your dog have mastered the sit and down commands, the logical extension on them is training your dog to stay. Training a dog to stay can be difficult at first. In a way it goes against what your dog is used to (following you around) and also his/her natural instincts (being close to their pack). With this in mind keep the stay command very simple to begin with and build upon your dogs successes slowly.
Once you have trained your dog to hold a reliable stay in any situation you will find it handy on many occasions.

Shutzhund training obedience

Your dog needs to be well trained and socialized to cultivate good habits in it. Hence, it is necessary to obedience train your pet dog. If you are considering ‘obedience training for your dog seriously, must follow some techniques like house breaking, coming when called and walking on a leash without pulling as integral parts of their whole training program.

Ebon von Er Nast command stay

Hope you get inspired from our video how your dog can stay on command
Remeber have fun when you train together with your dog!

Ebon von Er Nast

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