I always have a lot to do, take care of Michelle (we grow up together), and look after my mom and dad.
On top of that, I’m on duty at Vero Pig Farm.


Rex alias Blixten

    German Shepherd
  • Sire: Ebon von Er Nast,
    very good Pedigree (working line)
    If you want to mate, contact me!
  • Name in Pedigree: Rex
  • Born: 02/05/2017
  • Weight: 43 kg / 95 lb
  • Nickname: Blixten

Need some advice about

  1. Dog Training?
  2. Dog Problems?
  3. About Dogs ?

I’ll be glad to help YOU, because
your DOG already knows what to do…

Me and my dad Ebon von Er Nast I was just a little puppy. Now I’m a tiger, want to see some action? Take a look, Blixten in action! Remember to check out my blog!