Recall training

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Recall training for your dog

Dogs who master this skill, recall, lead fuller, richer and freer lives, because they have the privilege of being off-leash. Start recall training in a low distraction environment such as your house or garden.
Only call your dog to you when you are sure he will come back, or you can bring him back or go to get him.
Don’t waste your recall command, no point in calling if he’s ignoring you!

Recall it's not pre-programmed

Teaching your dog to come or recall is not a pre-programmed response.
While it is a natural instinct for a puppy not to venture too far from the pack, usually we find that as the puppy gets older and more confident, selective deafness tends to set in, and with that the previously reliable recall quickly fades too.

Solid recall

A solid recall is a valuable behavior for dogs of all sorts, including dogs who compete in sports, do therapy or assistance work, or provide the valuable service of being someone’s beloved companion. The better the recall, the safer he is when off-leash, and the more he can enjoy off-leash freedom with his human. One good off-leash hike is worth at least 10 on-leash walks around the block!

Is it possible to have a perfect recall?

You need to practice obedience, communication with your dog.
You know what you want, but does your dog know, understand, what you want? Communication is the key.

Ask ten dog trainers to name the most essential behavior a dog should learn and nine of the ten are likely to answer,
a reliable recall. Coming when called, dependably, despite distractions, can saves dogs lives and owners sanity. Dogs who master this skill lead fuller and freer lives too, because they have the privilege of being off-leash on occasions when it is safe and where it is legal. Watch our video, it can give you some tip for recall training.

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