The Nanny Dog Akerah

The German Shepherd, the Nanny Dog, is alway on guard...
Mom sleep or watch

Nanny Dog Akerah a German Shepherd

Who needs a babysitter when you got a German Shepherd Dog?
Little Michell’s babysitter and her best friend, is Ebon von Er Nast, with the nickname Akerah

Who's the best babysitter?
The dog or the human?

You judge! Take a good look, who’s the one who’s alert?

The German Shepherd, the Nanny Dog, is alway on guard, watching the pack that everything is ok…
Remember, when you arrive home, immediately introduce your dog to your baby, your baby is the new packmember and you’ll have a great Nanny Dog…

The working dog is trained to be very smart on the word of command,
but he learns to understand very much more beyond it,
if only his master will take the necessary pains with him.

Did you know that wealthy people in the U.K. actually hire Dog Nannies for up to $75,000 a year…

Let us know if you want to
hire Ebon von Er Nast 🙂

Mom watching Michelle…

Tired after watching..?
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Ebon von Er Nast

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