Michelle dog trainer

Remember, your dog(s) should be a part of your family, the pack...
Michelle the dogtrainer

Michelle the dog trainer from Cordova

Baby Michelle 1 years old, start to practice dog training with two German Shepherd Dogs
GSD and babies together, is it dangerous?
This is what we did when we introduced Michelle for Ebon von Er Nast, a GSD
and now she’s playing with our dogs, and as you can see, she also start to train them 🙂

Michelle's advice, dog training

To avoid problems with your dog you need to train him/her in a proper way.
Remember, your dog(s) should be a part of your family/pack, don’t place your dog in a cage 24/7
If you are to lazy too train and play with your dog, get a dog statue!

Ebon von Er Nast

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