Run Away From a GSD

Valpis, Mary and Blixten

Can you run away from a wild German Shepherd?

Rod from navy is a fast runner and he thinks he can run away from a wild GSD…
Will he be bitten or not?

Rex alias Blixten attack Rod

Observe that Blixten (lying down, command Platz) and the handler is far away.
He only attacks when I give him the command “ATTACK”!

Don't try to do this...

Blixten is a well trained German Shepherd and Rod has a long experience as a decoy
If you or your dog don’t have any traing for this, do NOT try to do it!

Information about Blixten

    German Shepherd
  • Sire: Ebon von Er Nast,
    very good Pedigree (working line)
    If you want to mate, contact me!
  • Name in Pedigree: Rex
  • Born: 02/05/2016
  • Weight: 43 kg / 95 lb
  • Nickname: Blixten

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