Michelle dogtrainer

Michelle 14 month a GSD trainer

Michell’s preparation for dog training with two German Shepherd Dogs
She enjoys and loves to train her two dogs, Ebon von Er Nast, alias Valpis and Rex alias Blixten
Valpis is born May 2014 Blixten is born February 2017.
Ensure that the kids understand if the dog is still young that he is in his learning manners.
Read our article about GSD and babies together, is it dangerous?

Are GSD good with kids?

Are German Shepherds good with kids? You should introduce your pet to regular visitors and of course children while they still are young.
Michelle it’s only 14 month old and she play with her GSD and the dogs love her and not to forget, they protect her too.
The German Shepherd is a brave, protective and very intelligent dog. GSD makes an excellent watchdog and guard dog. Due to their flock guarding instincts, German Shepherds are particularly protective of children in their family and will gladly warn off perceived threats.

The Pack

You, your children and your dog(s), all of you are a part of the pack!
Don’t put your dog in a cage 24/7 If you don’t know why, then try to stay in the cage for a day or two…

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