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How fast can a German Shepherd run?

A well-bred German shepherd can clock speeds of up to 30 miles per hour or 40 kilometers per hour. This might not be the fastest speed among the various dog breeds, but it is still quite impressive for such a seemingly heavy dog.

This muscular dog breed is capable of running at speeds of 15 mph and higher from 5 to 20 miles (between 8 and 32 km). In other words, a GSD is capable of running at reasonable speeds for almost 1 hour

Ebon von Er Nast, alias Valpis or Akerah, Mary Jane and Rex, alias Blixten
Weight: Ebon von Er Nast 29 kg (63 lb), Rex 43 kg (94 lb), Mary Jane, secret…


GSDs can engage in swimming as an entry-level, agility-building exercise. The water serves as both a cushion and resistance to help develop your GSD’s muscles while being a low-impact exercise.
In addition, swimming can improve joint and hip health as blood flow is increased in these areas.


This is regarded as the baseline and most standard exercise activity for basic GSD care. You can start at a leisurely pace of about 2-3 mph (about 4.5 kph).

Walking your GSD helps develop its gait and gets its legs used to coming into contact with the ground. It is a good exercise that increases your GSD’s heart rate and muscle tone steadily, while also increasing its agility.


A precursor to more intense activity, jogging is a more intense version of walking where your GSD’s legs are likely to leave the ground often. Typically, jogging speeds start at 6 mph (or about 10 kph). Jogging is a good warmup prior to sprinting for your GSD.

Jogging helps to further develop your GSD’s cardiovascular health and overall fitness. It also increases your GSD’s energy levels which can help your GSD run for longer periods of time.

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