Can your dog protect you?

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Train Your Dog to Protect You!

Do you walk alone at night? Are you in need of a personal protection dog, the kind of animal that will attack someone who threatens you?

It is very important that your dog knows when you are in distress and can act immediately in order to help you.

A dog by instinct will be protective towards his master and the other members of the family. It will also be protective towards people who frequent the house such as family friends.

Watch Video for Protection

Don't try to do this...

Blixten is a well trained GSD and Rod has a long experience as a decoy
If you or your dog don’t have any traing for this, do NOT try to do it!

Use Proper Commands!

A dog acts according to how it has been trained.
Never underestimate the significance of commands while training your dog. If you expect your dog to protect you, you must make it very clear to the dog that it is supposed to come to your rescue. The only way to do this is through commands, or your own body actions and sounds.
Command the dog to attack by saying the word “Attack” loudly.
Use a prop which can represent the threat or enemy.

Encourage Socializing

A good guard dog is friendly around people and children.
Train your dog to understand and differentiate between good people vs. bad people.
People who are safe, will be those he is allowed to come close to and those who are allowed to pat him.

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