Little Blixten

Rex alias Blixten

New member in the pack, Rex alias Blixten, Ebon von Er Nast’s son
Blixten is born February 24, 2017 his weight today was 16,6 kg (36lb)
and he was just smiling (again) when the vet gave him his vaccination, tough dog 🙂
Blixten yearning to start his Schutzhund training, he already show some good talents and a very good temperament.
He shows that he’s a real German Shepherd by playing and protecting baby Michelle (1 years old).

Blixten and Ruben

Ruben in action with Blixten
Ebon von Er Nast walking with his son, Rex
Blixten and Valpis thrive together and he’s watching when his father do the Schutzhund training
Watch out all German Shepherd’s you looking at the new champion for Schutzhund… 🙂

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