Dog Toys

Watch the vieo, maybe this can give you some idea about cheap dog toys…
Mom and Akerah

Are dog toys too expensive?

Our four legged friends need dog toys, for training, pleasure and rewards etc.
Expensive Dog Toys it’s probably, not only in Philippines, but a dog world problem…

Save money on dog toys

Save money on dog toys by making your own and rotating his favorites.
You need at least 5 to 10 dog toys because dogs always gravitate to their favorites.
Once you find the type of toy your dog prefers (Ebon von Er Nast like more or less everything), simply replace that one with a similar or identical one each time it wears out.
Bonus tip: Choose the most indestructible dog toys possible, and don’t give your dog access to all of his toys all the time.
Instead, always keep some hidden away. Then, rotate your dog’s toys every week or so.
That way, they’ll always seem “new” to him when they’re re-introduced.

Video how to save money

Does your dog truly love his dog toys?

You might truly love your dog, but does your dog even appreciate getting an expensive toy over a not so expensive toy?
Watch the vieo, maybe this can give you some idea about cheap dog toys… 🙂

Ebon von Er Nast

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