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Animal Laws in Philippines

Section 1. Animal Care Rules And Regulations

Section. 1.7 Noisy Dogs

No person shall allow the continuous barking, yelping, whining or howling of a dog,
such that the situation becomes a nuisance to the public.

The local Barangay may be asked to take appropriate legal steps to correct the situation, on the basis of a complaint file with its office.

Under Article 694 of the New Civil Code, an act, omission, establishment, business, condition of property or anything else that “annoys or offends the senses” is a nuisance, and under Article 695, a public nuisance affects a community or neighborhood or any considerable number of persons.

Animal Laws - Barking Dogs

Whether you love dogs or can’t stand them, we all have to accept that fact. In suburban neighborhoods especially, dog barking can be as inevitable as road noise in homes near a highway. However, if your neighbor’s dog barks incessantly every time you step into your yard or howls all night, to the point that it affects your quality of life, you don’t have to just grin and bear it.
After all, you did not make the decision to adopt it and fail to house train the dog.
In dealing with a neighbor’s barking dog, remaining calm, polite, and rational is your best bet, but know that you can get the law involved if necessary.

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An act to promote animal welfare in the Philippines, otherwise known as
“The Animal Welfare Act of 1998” Republic Act No. 8485

An Act Providing For The Control And Elimination Of Human And Animal Rabies, Prescribing Penalties For Violation Thereof And Appropriating Funds Therefor
Republic Act No. 9482 S. No. 2541 & H. No. 4654

Prohibiting the killing, selling, or offering for sale of any dog for food, the storing or offering of dog meat for sale within metro manila, the transporting of dogs and/or dog meat to and from metro manila, providing penalties for violation thereof and for other purposes.
Ordinance No. 82-02

An Ordinance Amending and Consolidating All Existing Ordinances Concerning Animal Control, by further Instituting the Concept of Responsible Pet Ownership and allowing for the Implementation of pertinent provisions of the Local Government Code of 1991 (Republic Act 7160). This ordinance aims at Professionalising the work of Animal Control and Ensuring Ethical Treatments of All Animals, in accordance with Republic Act 8485, or otherwise known as Animal Welfare Act of 98, This Ordinance shall likewise be Providing Penalty for any Violation thereof.
Sample Animal Control Measures

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Chronic barking

Whatever it is you need to know about chronic barking and how to bring it to an end, you’ll find the answer on Barking Dogs Net. For more information go to: Barking Dogs Net
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