Michelle dog trainer

Michelle the dogtrainer

Michelle the dog trainer from Cordova Baby Michelle 1 years old, start to practice dog training with two German Shepherd DogsGSD and babies together, is it dangerous?This is what we did when we introduced Michelle for Ebon von Er Nast, a GSDand now she’s playing with our dogs, and as you can see, she also […]


Little Blixten

Rex alias Blixten New member in the pack, Rex alias Blixten, Ebon von Er Nast’s son Blixten is born February 24, 2017 his weight today was 16,6 kg (36lb) and he was just smiling (again) when the vet gave him his vaccination, tough dog 🙂 Blixten yearning to start his Schutzhund training, he already show […]

Pretty decoy

Mary and Jovey

Pretty decoy for Schutzhund Training Watch our two pretty members, Mary Jane and Jovey training with Ebon von Er Nast, alias Akerah or Valpis On our Schutzhund Training everybody has fun and it’s a good exercise both for you and your mate, your dog… Teach your dog obedience, tracking and protection and you’ll have a […]

GSD and Babies

Michelle and Valpis

GSD and babies together GSD, German Shepherd Dog, and babies together, is it dangerous? Our GSD, Rex, love our baby Michelle, so probably it depends on how you introduce your baby/dog to the pack. Ebon von Er Nast’s best friend, a Doberman, named Doby, he also like baby Michelle. They all three goes very well […]

Baptism Party

Party in Gabi

Baptism Party for Michelle Michelle’s baptism on November 19, 2016 Michelle Veronique “Vero” was baptised in Mother of Perpetual Help, LapuLapu Michelle didn’t cry once during the baptism, in fact, she was sleeping most of the time and when she woke up, she smiled! 🙂 Baby Michelle with a smile Godfathers and Godmothers Thank You! […]

BH Award

BH Award to Ebon von Er Nast Ebon von Er Nast our German Shepherd graduated today for his BH Award.It’s hard work and training before your dog qualify for a graduation for BH and to get the BH Award! Training for a BH Award To get your BH Award you and your dog need to […]

Can dogs watch TV?

Mary and Akera

Can dogs watch TV? Can dogs watch TV and understand? When Ebon von Er Nast, our German Shepherd was eight month old he understood what he was watching.His favorite film was schutzhund training, when he watch the film on TV he immediately went for his toys…Probably TV inspired him to join a Shutzhund Club  🙂Can […]

Seven weeks

Baby Michelle and Akerah

Michelle seven weeks old Michelle “Vero” the Red Riding Hood is seven weeks old! Guess if my mom and dad are happy?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwTyt5ZwI6E Michelle as the little Red Riding Hood Already she’s acting like a photo model as the little Red Riding Hood If you try to find the big Wolf, look for her daddy 🙂 […]

Birth announcements

newborn Michelle

Birth announcements June 19, 2016 Karl and Mary Jane are the parents of daughter Michelle Veronique “Vero” born on June 19, 2016She was baptized in Mother of Perpetual Help, LapuLapuMichelle didn’t cry once during the baptism, in fact,she was sleeping most of the time and when she woke up, she smiled! Michelle’s relatives Probably I’m […]


Ebon von Er Nast and Mary

Valpis a German Shepherd Dog Some memorable moments from Valpis activities and his doggy friends. Everybody in Scandinavia call me by my nickname Valpis Everybody in Philippines call me by my nickname Akerah But in official events they use my real name Ebon von Er Nast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2GYyHK5rqgP.S. Valpis is Swedish and means puppy!