Sleeping Beauties

Michelle and Tiger

Sweet Dreams Sleeping Beauties Michelle watching the two sleeping beauties!She’s watching mama Mary and Tiger, the wild cat… Sleeping Beauties Sleep Tiger We have a new pack member, Tiger His name is Tiger, why, because he’s wild as a tiger..!Tiger is born in January 2020 He’s the most playful and beautiful cat.His best friend is […]

Michelle Model

Michelle the little model

Michelle the little model from Cordova, PH Last Sunday I did visit The Blackout Models in Kabankalan and they took some photoshoots. It was really fun. I’m looking forward to the next shooting! Some practice The Thinker On my way Look down And again, some practice Mobile photo Look to left Look straight Just click […]

French Fries

Michelle and mom eating

French Fries or Ice Cream? I love french fries and of course ice cream too, but sometimes it’s difficult to choose… What do you prefer? French Fries Michelle loves french fries ice cream Michelle loves ice cream Just click on the photos to enlarge them πŸ™‚ Words of Wisdom I like junk food, French fries, […]

Swimming Lessons

Michelle with friends

Michelle taking swimming lessons Watch the video and you’ll see how she swim… Guess whos’ the fastest swimmer

Dog Quotes

Quote Ebon von Er Nast

Famous Dog Quotes Dog Quotes through the history and from famous people Read and enjoy peoples Dog Quotes about a man’s best friend, our four-legged colleagues… If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. – Will Rogers Heaven goes by favor. If it went by […]


Where is kitten

Where is the little kitten? Michelle love all kind of animals, at the farm, she have two German Shepherds, sows, piglets, ducks, “baby ducks” and now she’s taking care of the pretty little kitten. She will become a real animal whisperer πŸ™‚ My kitten’s name is Kissemisse Kissemisse is Swedish and it means kitten. I […]

School Dress


Michelle’s New School Dress On my way to school. Since mom don’t drive me I need to take a tricycle.The photo above is some of my classmates. We learn a new song.I hope I’ll have a song voice after my dad πŸ™‚ Which school bag shall I use?Dad calls me The Thinker so I need […]

Dogs and Men

Valpis and dad

Compare Dogs and Men Ebon von Er Nast is a German Shepherd Dog and He Compare Dogs and Men We hope that both men, women and dogs read this with a smile πŸ™‚ How Dogs and Men are the Same Both take up too much space on the bed. Both have irrational fears about vacuum […]

Ebon von Er Nast and mom

Akearah and Mary

Ebon von Er Nast and mom, Mary Jane Watch photos when I walk around with my German Shepherd, Ebon von Er Nast, which I prefer to call Akerah. He’s the best dog in the world and Vero loves him and our friends love him too πŸ™‚ Ebon von Er Nast, alias Akerah The better I […]

Dogs and Babies

Ebon von Er Nast and Vero

First impressions are important. Your dog should have pleasant experiences with your baby right from the start.