Basic Obedience

Mary with 2 GSD

Basic Obedience is AO in Dog Training SIT | COME | DOWN | STAY | NO | TAKE IT & DROP IT | GET OFF | Remember! 7 Basic Commands – Youtube Your dog might be your best friend, but do your neighbors or friends feel the same way about your pooch? Your dog needs […]

Bank Account Switzerland

Flag Switzerland

Open a multi-currency Swiss bank account remotely. Free and safe Swiss bank account. Modern Swiss e-banking account linked to your mobile. Open a Swiss bank account instantly from anywhere with an innovative solution online-video identification using your mobile Apply 4 Swiss Account 23 different currencies Manage up to 23 different currencies in your account. Order […]

US Bank Account

USA flag

Open a multi-currency US bank account remotely. The bank accepts individual and business accounts without the need of American residency. Individual and business accounts! Try the First US Bank designed for International Clients. Opportunity to get a bank account in a stable first-world country. Remote account opening without the need to have American residency. Private […]

Animal Laws

Akearah and Mary

In dealing with a neighbor’s barking dog, remaining calm, polite, and rational is your best bet, but know that you can get the law involved if necessary…

UK Bank Account

Ebon von Er Nast and Mary

Open A Multi-Currency UK Bank Account Remotely. The Bank Accepts Individual and Business Accounts Cards, mass payouts, receiving payments. Freelancers, webmasters, online businesses Money + online safe and simple Manage your online finances with ADV account.Send or receive payouts, use prepaid cards, deposit and withdraw funds using a variety of easy to use options. Fast. […]

Hit GSD with Rak

Rod, Blixten and Valpis

Rex alias Blixten, Rod and Ebon von Er Nast alias Valpis Guy tries to hit GSD with a rake The guy first uses a bamboo stick then with disturbing noise, finally with a rake!And what the German Shepherd does?Of course, he goes for an attack..! Rake? I show you my teeth..! Warning: Don’t try to […]

GSD between your legs

GSD Blixten 43 kg

Do you dare to have this dog between your legs? Rex alias Blixten a German Shepherd 43 kg (95 lbs) attack the poor guy, will he be castrated..? Soon time for attack… Dog Training, Distraction, observe the traffic, turkeys and the brave guy..! Warning: Don’t try to do this! Blixten is a well trained […]

Bad Guy Attack Your Child

Michelle with three dogs

What IF some bad guy attacks Your Child? What do You do IF some bad guy attacks Your Child?Did You Train your dog to Protect Your Child?Before you start training your dog to protect you and your family, you must first ensure he is fully competent in the basic commands, including ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘quiet’, ‘come’, […]

Free PO Box Address

Free PO Box Address

Free PO Box Address in Great Britain Get a free PO Box Address in Great Britain, you choose a city and only pay for the mail you receive. Low cost, great locations, completely private. Perfect for business or individuals – a smarter post office box. PO Box Locations Regardless of where you are in the […]

Free Dog Tools

free dog tools

Can’t Afford to Buy Dog Tools? Every dog-owner knows how expensive dog tools are! How to Get Free Dog Tools? Have you ever thought that Mother Nature can give you dog tools for free?Not only it’s free it’s also healthy for your dog! Watch Video for Free Dog Tools! Bonus for you and your dog […]